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Questions regarding any of our plans? Send us a note at contact@witty.works or give us a call +41 44 291 00 22.

Unlock the Diversifier. And get to know its core features in a 7-day free trial.

3 reasons to start using Diversifier Business

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40% more female applicants

By consistently writing job ads in gender-neutral language you attract much more talent. 40% more women apply to such ads compared to traditional ads.

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More reasons to choose Diversifier

Many opinions on how the job ad should be written? No problem. Get the Business subscription and you can work on the job ad together with your colleagues.

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Save money

Benefit from our special introductory price of the Business subscription. For a surcharge of only EUR 50/month you get 5x more than in the subscription "Unique".

Frequently asked questions

How does the 7-day free trial work?
You'll have 7 days to try the core features of the Diversifier, without any cost and totally risk-free. No credit card is required to start the free trial. You can delete your account anytime. Copywriter reviews or publication on jobs.witty.works are not included in the free trial.
What happens when my free trial ends?
After your 7-day free trial, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs. Only at this point do you leave us your payment information. If you decide not to purchase any subscription, you lose access to the features of the Diversifier. Your account is not deleted and we keep your data safe so that you can come back to it and upgrade any time later.
Do I have to start a free trial or is there another way for me to experience the platform?
The 7-day free trial is the fastest way to experience the Diversifier. If you like to have a prolonged pilot period together with your colleagues, please contact us . We are happy to help set up a special pilot package for you.
What should I do if I have questions during my 7-day free trial period?
We’re here to help! Please contact us at +41 44 291 00 22.
What if I pick the wrong plan?
No problem. You can switch plans at any time. Pick the plan that seems like the best fit and try it out. You can always change your mind later on.
Are there contracts or commitments?
No. After your 7-day free trial, you can choose the plan that best fits your needs. Only at this point will you leave us your payment information and enter into contract with us. The plan is billed monthly or annually (according to your choice) and you can cancel it at any time. If you cancel before the end of a billing period, you will retain access to your data until that billing period has expired. You can delete your account anytime as well.
How do I know which plan is best for my business?
Unsure which plan is right for your business? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the best path forward based on your business goals.
What are my payment options?
Online payment methods include major credit cards. To pay by bank transfer is available for Business+ Yearly and Enterprise customers only. Contact contact@witty.works to discuss these options.


«Eyeopening, really eyeopening - hiring a woman is not just not hiring a man.»
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Portrait Loïc Schülé
Loïc Schülé
CEO Denteo AG
«We now receive applications from Women in Tech that we could not reach before.»
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Portrait Jasmine Schläfli
Jasmine Schläfli
Head HR Nine Internet Solutions AG
«With Witty Works we reduced the gender gap in our team. We already employed 3 female talents.»
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Portrait Mathias Brenner
Mathias Brenner
CTO Sherpany AG
die Mobiliar
Company Factory
Kanton Zürich - Statistisches Amt