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Job ads processed with the Diversifier enables you to receive more applications from diverse talent.

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Structure is key

Our research shows: Diverse talents are more enticed by a certain structure of job ads. The Diversifier offers best practice templates.

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Choose your template

Start with the basic template. Switch to best practice templates with any paid subscription.

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Use requirements wisely

Women apply if they sense they can fulfill 90% of the requirements. Men apply with a coverage of 50 - 60%. Do you get the best applications? The Diversifier helps you to formulate requirements openly.

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Learn writing job ads attracting everyone

A majority of job ads deter diverse talents from applying, studies show. Diversifier helps you to eliminate these invisible hurdles.

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Detection of deterring terms

Terms that deter diverse talents get highlighted. You also receive an explanation why these terms are deterring.

Learn how to write attractively

The Diversifier proposes solutions how you can circumvent the linguistic hurdles and proposes alternatives to the deterring words.

Review from experts

Once you've finished writing, professional copywriters will review your version and propose more tips and tricks to make the job ad even better.

Multi-language readiness

Write your job ads in English, German or French. The Diversifier speaks all those languages too.


Reach more diverse talent

People with diverse backgrounds move around in different networks than traditional candidates. The Diversifier publishes your job ads on job portals or in channels that target diverse talents.

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Choose job portals

The Diversifier offers publication on different niche job portals. Choose those in line with the target group of your job ad.
Check out all job portals to which you can publish with one click out of the Diversifier

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Sharing on social media

Many diverse talents are active on social media. Your job ads published via the Diversifier will also be distributed in the respective social media channels.

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Making it known in job letters

Job portals regularly distribute their new opportunities via newsletter. Job ads published via the Diversifier will reach those diverse job seekers.

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